Following your baby’s birth and as your child grows, you should be able to celebrate his or her growth. You trust Illinois doctors and hospitals to care for your baby when something does go awry. If your child was born with injuries or if he or she suffers injuries during medical treatment, you may wonder if these injuries are unavoidable or if something went awry.

Basic knowledge about medical malpractice will help you to understand whether your child’s condition is an instance of medical malpractice. According to Medical News Today, malpractice happens when medical professionals fail to provide a standard of care. Their negligence or failure to provide appropriate treatment leads to injury or death of the patient. To be malpractice, the negligence involves medical errors. Negligence or mistakes can happen at any stage in the medical process.

For instance, if your child’s diagnosis was wrong, if he or she had the wrong dosage of medication, did not have proper health management, treatment or aftercare, then the doctor may be the one liable for damages. Medical malpractice always involves substandard treatment. All medical facilities have a standard of care to provide. Malpractice occurs if injury or condition happens because the doctor deviated from the standard quality of care.

If your child suffered due to an overdose of medication, if he or she suffered because of an error or act of negligence, then medical malpractice could be the direct cause.

This article contains information to help people understand more about medical malpractice. By no means is the information here legal advice.