When someone goes to a doctor in Illinois, the last thing he or she wants to receive is a cancer diagnosis. But it is the duty of doctors to diagnose and treat these conditions. When a patient receives terrible news, he or she at least trust that medical professionals are accurate and truthful. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes provide patients with inaccurate diagnoses.

Such is the case for a 25-year old mother who was misdiagnosed with breast cancer, according to People magazine. The mother was having problems while breastfeeding her son so she sought treatment. She received a scan and biopsy, leading doctors to tell her she had triple-negative breast cancer. The medical professionals immediately referred her to receive chemotherapy. She also got a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

Several months later, her doctor informed her that she never actually had breast cancer. Apparently, the misdiagnosis occurred due to human error. Specifically, there was a misreporting of a biopsy sample. The hospital has released an apology and claims it is implementing a policy to have a second pathologist check cancer diagnoses before coming to a determination.

The mother experienced unnecessary treatments and surgeries because of a human mistake. Now, she also lives with the inability to breastfeed, risk of cancer due to her implants and complications from chemotherapy. She is taking legal action against the hospital that is liable for her misdiagnosis.

This is just one unfortunate example of how negligent medical professionals can cause harm to their patients. Anyone who is a victim of medical malpractice may want to seek help from a personal injury attorney.