For diabetics in Illinois, blood sugar and insulin are a thing of everyday life. Because the pancreas does not function correctly, insulin is needed to keep the blood sugar at appropriate levels and essentially keep the person live. Advantage News cites the American Diabetes Association with the statistic that 7.4 million diabetics need insulin to live every day and there are 30 million Americans with diabetes.  As insulin costs rise, many are forced to go without medication or with the wrong type because they cannot afford to pay their medical bills.

Several state lawmakers are looking to change that with a cap on insulin prices. Believing that the people of Illinois are being forced to choose between life-saving medical care and groceries, one lawmaker introduced a bill to cap insulin expenses at $100 for a 30-day supply. This would only be the out-of-pocket price, all that the patient would be required to cover, although health insurance companies may have additional costs.

Advocates for the bill include a young mother who has dealt with diabetes for a decade and says the cost of her insulin has risen $1,000 per month since she began taking it. Illinois would be the second state this year to address out of control insulin prices if the legislation passes. Colorado also recently address the issue with its own legislation.

Key organizations such as the Illinois Pharmacists Association, the American Diabetes Association and AARP support the lawmakers push. As those with diabetes ration their supply of insulin and go without because they simply cannot afford it, government is stepping in to decrease the risks of injury and death by ensuring that diabetics can afford their medication.