In Illinois, medical staff do their best to treat patience with speed and efficiency. Unfortunately, some people still end up falling through the cracks. Today we will take a look at the most common medication errors and what they can look like for you. 

A medication error is a preventable event that leads to the improper use of medication. Due to this use, the patient comes to some sort of harm, usually physical in nature. This happens while the patient is under the care of an individual working in a professional capacity in the medical care industry. 

According to reports, improper dosages are the most common medication error. In fact, between 1993 and 1998, improper doses were the most common cause of medication error-related fatalities. Up to 41 percent of these cases involved a patient taking too much. Up to 16 percent of fatalities were due to medical personnel giving the patient the wrong drug, or having it administered in an improper way. 

Generally speaking, the older populace is more at risk for medication errors. Over half of the fatalities from these reported findings were over 60 years of age. They are likely more susceptible simply because they are taking more medication than younger people. This increases the chance of mistakes happening. 

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