When you visit any outpatient medical care in Illinois to test for cancer, you expect the doctor to be able to diagnose these conditions and treat them. However, it may be surprising to learn that misdiagnosis is a widespread mistake, especially in outpatient care settings. According to CBS News, about 12 million adults that visit outpatient medical facilities suffer from misdiagnosis every year. It is a considerable number as it represents close to 5 percent of the people that visit the centers. 

But what leads to a misdiagnosis? 

Misdiagnosis does not only happen when the doctor fails to detect the right conditions. It may also occur due to a delay in diagnosis or mismanagement of the testing. A delay in diagnosis or mismanagement of the examination may occur due to the following reasons: 

  • When the doctor does not complete all the required tests for the symptoms 
  • When the doctor evaluates the lab results wrongly 
  • When the doctor does not take adequate time to address all the symptoms carefully 
  • By not sending you to the right specialist 

But when does a misdiagnosis become malpractice? 

There are three instances where a misdiagnosis may become malpractice. One, if a doctor overlooks a diagnosis and misses it. They will, therefore, not give you the right treatment to combat your problem. If the issue becomes worse, you may sue the doctor for malpractice. 

Secondly, you may sue the doctor if they misdiagnose your conditions, and your illness goes untreated. However, you may only do so if it results in the worsening of your symptoms or if the medicine the doctor prescribes gives you side effects. 

Thirdly, if a doctor fails to diagnose you on time resulting in the conditions worsening to a point where the treatment is no longer possible, you may file for malpractice. 

This information is only meant to provide knowledge on misdiagnosis and malpractice. It is not legal advice.