It is a common scenario for a doctor to dismiss a patient’s concerns about his or her health. Doctors may do this because they feel they know more or have some type of bias. They may do it because they are rushing due to a tight schedule. They may also do it because they think the patient is imagining symptoms or problems. In any case, when a doctor does not take your concerns about your health seriously, it leads to serious health complications and possibly the delay in a diagnosis of a health condition. If you end up in this situation, there are some things you can do to get your doctor to take what you say seriously.

U.S. News and World Report suggests that you should always schedule another appointment if you feel the doctor overlooked any of your concerns or otherwise feel that the appointment did not touch on everything you need to discuss.

You can also bring someone else with you to help act as an advocate. If the doctor has two people saying the same thing, he or she may take it more seriously. You can often deal with issues where the doctor may think you are exaggerating your symptoms by doing this.

Above all, the best thing you can do is organize what you want to tell the doctor. You need to figure out how best to use your appointment time. Write out the important things you want to talk about or mention to your doctor. Make sure that you provide adequate information and details, which can help your doctor to realize that a symptom or issue may be serious.