Childhood Pediatric Injuries

When a medical mistake causes an injury to a child, it can be devastating for decades to come.  A child may not be able to keep up with their peers in school or athletics after a medical mistake.  These types of injuries can be life-altering and devastating to the child and their family.  Sometimes the extent of an injury to a child may not be immediately apparent; however, as time passes it becomes clear that the child is still suffering from the medical mistake. 

At Raymond & Raymond, Ltd., we are able to cut through the medical jargon and double-talk to accurately understand the care given to your child.  Sub-standard care is not the family’s fault.  We will identify medical mistakes made work tirelessly to ensure your child and family are fully and fairly compensated for their injuries, holding the medical providers accountable for their carelessness.  We understand that a medical mistake can affect a child and the family permanently and will settle for nothing less than full compensation. 

Our lawyers have represented families with children injured from medical malpractice. Here are some common examples for childhood injuries from medical malpractice cases:

  • Born with a treatable, congenital defect in the main arteries coming from the heart (“Transposition of the Great Arteries), newborn suffered brain damage when the condition was not timely diagnosed and corrected.
  • Emergency Room Doctor did not promptly diagnose toddler’s bacterial meningitis and begin antibiotic treatment so toddler’s infection progressed resulting in brain damage and loss of hearing.
  • Pediatrician prescribed wrong medication for baby which the Pharmacy filled anyway resulting in baby’s death.
  • During surgical cyst removal from 2-year-old’s neck, surgeon injured the child’s larynx, prolonging surgery to stop the bleeding, resulting in toddler’s cardiac arrest and brain damage.
  • Newborn not properly screened for Sickle Cell resulting in death from avoidable pneumonia infection.
  • Six-year-old’s septic arthritis not diagnosed, allowing continued spread resulting in amputation of both arms and both legs.
  • Nurse used Adult IV pump on Newborn in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit resulting in fluid overload, brain bleed and permanent brain damage.

If you believe your child could be the victim of a medical mistake, please contact our firm for a free consultation to see if we can help.  It would be a privilege to provide justice for you and your family.