We’ve heard this argument and strongly believe it is false. Most of our clients’ main reason for pursuing a lawsuit is to make sure what happened to them does not happen to anyone else. Nearly all medical workers are covered by professional liability insurance. It is the job of the insurance company to receive premiums from the medical provider while paying out as little as possible to injured people. These insurance companies then hire the defense attorneys who represent the medical workers in court. Often times the insurance companies will refuse to settle within their policy limits for years despite a genuine meritorious claim against them. Therefore, although it may be uncomfortable for a medical professional to be involved in litigation, it is often more of a question of whether or not their insurance company is willing to fully compensate the injured person. At Raymond & Raymond, Ltd. we believe that a medical professional’s mere inconvenience pales in comparison to the injured person whose life is changed forever. We also only bring righteous cases that have been fully vetted by other medical professionals. We believe that the best way to ensure medical care does not fall below the standard is to fiercely advocate on behalf of our clients who are victims of below average care and demand the insurance companies fully compensate our clients for their injuries.