In March of 2011, my husband suffered a severe stroke due to the negligence of a hospital. This injury left him to deal with some disabilities. I was left to take care of my husband, children, our household and work a full time job. I knew this hospital did not abide by its standards so I began searching the yellow pages for a good attorney to hear of how unfairly my husband was treated. I came across Raymond & Raymond. I read their reviews and I knew they were the ones to call. I called for a consultation and spoke with Patty Raymond and from that instance she was genuine, concerned, and caring. She then set up a meeting at our home for us to meet Clark and he possessed the same values as Patty, genuine, concerned, and caring. Just from meeting them we knew they were family oriented and were concerned about what had taken place in this hospital. They have treated our family with nothing but compassion and integrity. From every phone call, question and concern, they were there to keep us informed of everything that was going on with the case no matter how busy they were. I guarantee you with the Raymonds there will never be any doubts or uncertainties. They definitely went above and beyond for our family. Throughout the whole ordeal our comfortability remained with the Raymonds. If you’re seeking an attorney who truly cares about you and fighting against medical negligence, the Raymonds are the ones to call. I definitely give them ten stars.