A few years ago I had foot surgery that changed my life and not for the better. Somehow, the doctor who was to remove a heel spur did not treat an infection in a timely manner and damaged my Achilles tendon. I was immobilized for many months, went through many months of physical therapy, and will always walk with a limp, and have shaky balance. After a lot of soul searching, I contacted several attorneys and found that no one was either able to take my case due to a conflict of interest or a lack of interest. Thankfully, I was referred to Raymond and Raymond. I found an experienced team that was caring, had a high level of integrity, who kept me informed every step of the way. This was my first experience with a law suit. The attorneys at Raymond and Raymond quickly gained my trust through transparency, clear and timely communication, and by working hard to win my case. I am grateful that I found this team to represent me and would highly recommend them.