Yes, an autopsy can be helpful in order to determine the cause of death.  Autopsies used to be ordered more frequently and we believe autopsies are ordered less by physicians in order to avoid any potential liability.  As medical malpractice attorneys we largely build our case around what is written in the medical records.  These records are written by medical personnel that may be at fault, and are often written in a self-serving manner.  An autopsy gives the opportunity for a physician not involved in the care and treatment at issue to conduct an investigation into what may have caused a death.  However, if you did not order an autopsy there still may be ample evidence in the medical records that portray a meritorious case, so it is still a good idea to contact an attorney to investigate the potential case as soon as possible.  With autopsies being performed less and less, our firm is experienced with seeing through self-serving medical records and can connect the dots to provide answers and eventually full compensation.