At Raymond & Raymond, Ltd., we represent people who have been physically injured and suffered both mentally and physically from their injuries in medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury cases.  The Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions allow for compensation from the following:

  • Loss of normal life (both past and future);
  • Disability (both past and future)
  • Pain & Suffering (both past and future);
  • Medical Bills and related expenses (both past and future);
  • Loss of Income / Lost Wages (both past and future);
  • Wrongful Death;
  • Loss of Society (a family’s loss for a deceased relative); and/or
  • Emotional Distress.

The justice system in Illinois is already set up to compensate injured people.  We tirelessly fight for our clients to recover the maximum amount in each of the above categories to achieve full compensation for their injuries and/or loss. We get to know our clients on a personal level so that we can clearly communicate the extent of our clients’ injuries with the goal of full compensation.  A personal injury lawsuit is usually the only way a person can achieve full-compensation for their injuries, and can almost always only be brought once.  At Raymond & Raymond, Ltd. we pay close personal attention to our clients’ cases and utilize our years of experience to build a case that focuses on the individual client’s circumstances.